8-9 weeks: Initial visit and short ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. Blood drawn and tested, including State-mandated HIV testing**. Physical Examination, including possible Pap Smear & gonorrhea & Chlamydia testing. Cystic fibrosis test (optional, can be done any time during pregnancy)

11-14 weeks:
Nuchal Translucency (optional)


13-16 weeks: Alpha-feto protein test (blood draw-optional)-performed after 15 weeks. Amniocentesis if indicated. *Routine pre-natal visit

18-20 weeks:
*Routine pre-natal visit. ***Screening ultrasound for the evaluation of the baby’s growth and anatomy.

24 weeks:
* Routine pre-natal visit


28 weeks: *Routine pre-natal visit, One hour glucose test, Rhogam injection for Rh negative patients, Register at St Luke’s Hospital

31 weeks: *Routine pre-natal visit

34 weeks: *Routine pre-natal visit

35-37 weeks: *Routine pre-natal visit, Group B Strep swab

38 weeks: *Routine pre-natal visit

39 weeks: *Routine pre-natal visit

40 weeks: *Routine pre-natal visit & cervix check

* Routine pre-natal visit includes weight, blood pressure, urine test, measurement of your uterus and listening to baby’s heartbeat with a doppler. Visit interval is approximate and dependent on maternal and fetal issues.
** If you decline the HIV test during your pregnancy, your baby will automatically be HIV tested in the hospital, prior to discharge.
*** Any ultrasounds other than what are listed above will be done in the event of medical necessity, such as bleeding, hypertension, fetal growth problems or placental location.

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